Natural Forest Regeneration and Tree Planting Complexity: An Enigma of Climate Mitigation in the World of Technology




Natural Forest Regeneration, Tree Planting Complexity, Climate Mitigation, Greenhouse Gas, Carbon Capture, Fossil Fuels, Carbon Storage, Sequestration


Given the severity and implication of prolonged palpability epitomized by Climate change, discussion and negotiation between parties and policy applications for mitigations employed is not 100% solution. The mitigation of carbon emission through tree planting alone is inadequate. There’s need for knowledge on the type of trees, where to plant them, and their impact on the biosphere. Previous study shows that uncensored tree planting programs causes riparian land to dry up. This study lingers on achieving climate change mitigation through afforestation, algae, and technology. It adopts three hypotheses; the first, there’s nothing like global warming or climate change occurring, Secondly, global warming and climate change occurs as natural and cyclic events not related to human activity, Thirdly, global warming and climate change are outcome of mans’ activities. This is a desk top study, the findings indicate that trees are important factors in conserving atmosphere with a balanced biosphere, but not solutions to climate crisis. Thus, certain types of trees cause problems for other plants and animals in their symbiotic nature. Scientists shows that Algae consumes 400x more CO2 hence, investing in them is efficient. Additionally, investing in technology like carbon engineering, direct air capture, and geological sequestration are effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere and revolutionize the energy sector. In conclusion, embracing technology and change of human consumer behavior should be the way to go in the contemporary world to mitigate climate issues.

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Balongo C. Vincent, The Co-operative University of Kenya

School of Co-operatives and Community Development




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Vincent, B. (2024). Natural Forest Regeneration and Tree Planting Complexity: An Enigma of Climate Mitigation in the World of Technology. Journal of the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO, 4(1).