Community Radio Influence and Project Interventions During the Covid-19 Period


  • Wanjugu Wachira St. Paul’s University, Kenya
  • Susan Mwangi St. Paul’s University, Kenya
  • Gladys Muasya St. Paul’s University, Kenya



Project Interventions, COVID-19, Economic Development, Social Development


The Ministry of Health in Nairobi, Kenya confirmed the first case of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) on the 12th of March 2020 since the outbreak in China in December of 2019. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and as a result negatively affected the lives of communities globally. Job loss, mental illness, uncertainty, deaths, domestic violence, denial, misconceptions of the existence of COVID-19 and depressed economies are some of the characteristic features of nations during the pandemic.    The purpose of this study was to explore the role of community radio in community engagement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic among Voi and Marsabit marginalised communities in Kenya. The study objectives were to determine the influence of Sifa FM community radio station programmes on community development in Voi and Marsabit communities during the COVID-19 period; to establish the COVID-19 intervention projects conducted by Sifa FM community radio stations in Kenya that promote community development initiatives in Marsabit and Voi; to assess the challenges encountered when engaging in COVID-19 intervention projects by Sifa FM Voi and Marsabit community radio stations in Kenya to promote community engagement; and  to identify risks and gaps encountered by Sifa FM Voi and Marsabit community radio stations during the COVID-19 period in Kenya. The study adopted the Empowerment Theory. 212 respondents participated in this study and consisted of four groups: The Sifa FM station manager, 11 community leaders and 100 community members in both Voi and Marsabit respectively. Purposive sampling was used to select community leaders and Sifa FM radio station manager, while snowball sampling was adopted to select community members residing in Voi and Marsabit communities. Mixed research design was adopted for this study. Data was collected using two interview guides and a semi-structured questionnaire. Data was collected between July and October 2021. Quantitative data was captured using SPSS version 20 software while qualitative data was analysed using thematic and content analysis.Findings revealed that Sifa FM community radio station programmes aired during the COVID-19 period contributed to increased levels of social and economic development in Voi and Marsabit communities. Social development was achieved to some extent through educating Sifa FM listeners on COVID-19 which influenced community health. Programmes about economic activities that were aired on Sifa FM provided insight that would impact the living standards of community members and economic development.  Sifa FM contributed significantly to social-economic development of Voi and Marsabit communities during the COVID-19 period. Findings further revealed that Sifa FM contributed to several project interventions where the highest number of respondents supported public awareness on COVID-19 interventions as the priority. Results indicated that more can be done to increase the scope of outreach for project interventions from Sifa FM. There are challenges which were encountered by Voi and Marsa bit communities such as distribution of low-quality masks. Gaps were identified such as creating awareness of COVID-19.  One risk associated with COVID-19 in Voi and Marsabit was job loss at a percentage of 84%




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Wachira, W., Mwangi, S., & Muasya, G. (2024). Community Radio Influence and Project Interventions During the Covid-19 Period. Journal of the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO, 4(1).